About Me

by priyankasirohi

Welcome to Recipe Follows.

I am Priyanka and this is my virtual kitchen.

Recipe Follows

Priyanka Sirohi – Recipe Follows

Everything that’s made in my kitchen might not end up here, but anything that brought me out of my comfort zone is a star that needs to be featured!

This space is my solace. I am here to share my stories because I love to talk. I am passionately passionate about anything that catches my fancy.
I am also a serial challenge giver to myself with a constant need to do more.

I am a self-taught baker who loves to experiment in the kitchen. The only thing I love more is the mountains and maybe books or stationary or perfumes or wandering…

I love to hustle and follow my dreams and aspirations (even if they fail sometimes). There’s always something new just around a corner.

I am currently living in Delhi, Pune, Delhi, New Zealand, Noida, NCR region of Delhi with my husband and our daughter Ojasvi.

Stop by and say hello!  ~   sirohi{dot}priyanka{at}gmail{dot}com
or you can also find me at Pinterest  Twitter   Facebook   Instagram 

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